Meditative philately and inner peace

Classical philately focused on the study and classification of the postage stamp, its characteristics, paper, ink, and history. Meditative philately is directed to the study of the observation of the stamp. The stamp is used as the ideal tool to achieve relaxation, concentration, and meditation. In fact, we use the postage stamp as a means of self-knowledge and development at the level of consciousness. The stamp not only tells a story or highlights a situation, but is a window into the collective unconscious. The techniques of meditative philately are of great help in clearing the mind, calming it, and concentrating it, allowing us to access our essence. By distancing ourselves from conflicts and worries, we systematically order the mental chaos. Properly practiced, meditative philately is helpful in reducing stress, anguish, and negativity. Postage stamps reflect nations, cultures, the world, the cosmos. Every day more and more experts in medicine and psychology emphasize the importance of maintaining mental peace and balance. Meditative philately is an activity that contributes to our quality of life. 


Below, we offer a preparatory technique for meditation that helps to reintegrate the rays of our attention. This simple method can reduce mental hyperactivity and mitigate our fatigue and stress. The practice is ideal for beginners who are taking their first steps on the path of meditation. It is adaptable to one's needs as it does not require a set amount of time. By concentrating our attention on the design of the stamp, our mental activity balances itself. This calmness is essential to aspire to a meditative state and allow meditation to occur.



Stamps are not just made for sending letters. In addition to having a practical purpose, their shapes and colors express thoughts and emotions. The postcards are conscious efforts to manifest certain themes and are created to be observed. Each has a meaning and tells a story. Collectors are attracted to different types of stamps according to their character and personality. Some have a preference for certain countries, while others choose certain themes. In this way, each stamp represents a connection to both an objective reality and our inner world.




Before the practice, it is advisable to take a bath. It is also important to prepare a suitable environment. 

The space should be clean and tidy. Ventilate the room to allow the energy to renew itself. Try to have good lighting so as not to strain the eyes. During the practice, keep the TV and cell phone turned off. If you wish, you can play a meditative melody that will create a soft musical background.


Posture plays a very important role as it reflects our attitude. Sit with your back straight from the sacrum to the crown of your head. The body is extended, but without tensing any muscles. Feel a sense of elongation without tension. You should not repeat a mantra or perform any kind of action. Next, proceed to place the seal in front of you in a position that does not tense the neck. This will be your object of attention.  Close your eyes, breathing slows down as you attentively observe your nostrils for one minute. Notice how the air you inhale is cooler than the air you exhale. Instead of straining, allow the mind to calm itself. When calmness takes over, slowly open your eyes and place your attention on the seal. At first, observe effortlessly by unfocusing your eyes. Then proceed to place your attention on the center of the stamp. Slowly allow the colors and shapes of the stamp to invade your mind and calm your emotions. Through observation, we can access our innermost intimacy. Accept the well-being, tranquility, and mental order that flows to you through this paper window. As mentioned at the beginning, this technique is a preparatory step to meditation.

Meditative Philately