How does Meditative Philately work?

By Prabhuji


Every philatelist has experienced indescribable moments of peace, tranquility, and inner silence. According to Meditative Philately, each stamp fulfills the functions of a mandala, which is a symmetrical diagram, symbol, or geometric pattern. Stamps are like cosmic diagrams that remind us of our connection to infinity. They can be used as means of ceasing our mental activity when aspiring to meditative states. Stamps fulfill similar functions to mantras, but visually rather than auditory. Stamps become tools to focus our attention, and therefore, they are helpful for meditation.

Regardless of the characteristics and history of each stamp, they have been designed to be observed.

Continuous observation, while breathing slowly and deeply, leads the observer to relaxation and gradually to deep meditation. Our mind moves in circles, however, every circle has a center. The careful observation of the stamp allows us to jump out of this circle to focus on our conscious center. This practice centers us and is capable of influencing our inner world, breaking vicious mental patterns. By observing the stamps, one gets integrated and experiences well-being, harmony, balance, and peace.

Meditative Philately