Mr. Alejandro Torres
Expert philatelist Chile

Since you have opened and are spreading a new area of collecting in the world of Philately, I think you have been very brave and pioneer in proposing this new form of collecting and this new theme that can embrace many collectors worldwide. I also believe that everything that you are promoting with this subject comes to enrich the collecting...

Mr. Guillermo Verde Gutierrez
Philatelist from Spain

There are many ways as many as people to approach stamp collecting, competitive philately, speculative philately, playful philately, etc. I have unknowingly discovered and lived Meditative Philately. It is about comforting the soul and an exercise in contemplation and relaxation that every person deserves to have at least once a day. Thank you Meditative Philately for your attention, and for...

Mr. Fernando Melcher
Scholar in German philately, Ohio, USA.

De parvis grandis acervus erit For years human beings have been chasing and hunting animals. At the dawn of humanity, hunting was the only form of subsistence. If you didn’t hunt, you didn’t eat.As time went by, human discovered that animals could be domesticated and thus, always be kept at reach when they were needed.It took us thousands of to...

Mr. Jorge Castillo
Scholar philatelist, director of Castlerock Stamps, Florida, USA.

Dear friend and colleague, I am delighted that you are finally exposing your meditative philately philosophy to the world. Philately, as we all know, not only entails study of history or postage study, but also transports the collector, by concentrating on the arrangement of a collection or by analyzing a piece, to a place where the self is in status...

Mr. Milton Méndez Falcón
Philatelist from Puerto Rico

I discovered philately as a young man. For years, I have dedicated myself to the Buddhist practice of meditation. In the midst of the pandemic, I rediscovered philately. I was surprised to find myself in an almost meditative state of concentration while working with my stamps. I realized that it was not an ordinary concentration, but the concentration that I...

Meditative Philately