“Meditative philately is a spiritual path toward the recognition of consciousness.” ~Prabhuji 


In the Far East, for thousands of years, masters have transformed simple activities into paths of inner development. In this way, simple flower arrangements became “the art of Ikebana”; drinking tea became “the tea ceremony”; confrontations inspired the different martial arts; and even simple walking turned to be “the Zen walk”. 

Ordinary activities were used as means of meditation and real paths toward ourselves, toward our inner reality. Prabhuji is both a philatelist and a renowned teacher of Eastern religions and philosophies. He has used philately since childhood in an organic and natural way as a means of inner evolution. The essence and foundation of both philately and meditation is observation. Meditative philately is a method, or a set of techniques, created and developed in order to promote concentration, observation and, finally, an expansion at the level of consciousness. Just as a mantra serves as a sound support for the mind, the stamp fulfills similar functions at the visual level being a small paper mandala.