Croatia 1991 Ban Jelacic Monument Individual Stamp Mint NH

Croatia 1991 Ban Jelacic Monument Individual Stamp Mint NH

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Croatia 1991 Ban Jelacic Monument Individual Stamp Mint NH

The Croatian Radish Foundation was founded in 1903 under the name of the Society for the Installation of Scientists in Crafts and Trade in Zagreb. The aim of the company was to enable education and improvement of the position of young Croatian craftsmen and traders, and to have as much share in the foreign-run economy of Croatia.

"For the Croatian children, only the lowest paid occupations remained. Of course, this was mainly due to their lack of education in practical occupations and the inability to compete with those with higher qualifications who speak foreign languages ​​and have family or banking capital. into the world, far from the sad reality of their own country, it is becoming more and more common. "

During the rule of the Croatian-Serbian Coalition, the Society did not have the support of the ruling elite, as the prevailing view was that the society was exclusively Catholic and Croatian, given that priests played a leading role in the first phase of its formation. The founders of the Society were 11 craftsmen from Zagreb, and they elected Mata Ilijašević, the pastor of the church of Sv. Peter in Zagreb.

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