The mineralogists, famous people, Science, Imperforate Souvenir Sheet o

The mineralogists, famous people, Science, Imperforate Souvenir Sheet o

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Comoros, the mineralogists, famous people, Science, Imperforate Souvenir Sheet of 6 stamps, Mint NH.

A mineralogist is a scientist that specializes in the study of minerals. A mineralogist is interested in rocks, gems and other minerals. All of these have physical and chemical properties which are useful to humans. Often mineralogists are interested in studying copper, iron, aluminum, and other natural minerals, which have many useful applications.

Mineralogists may work for a mining company. In this occupation, they may work on helping to process minerals from their ores, and developing new procedures for extractions. They may work for an oil and gas extraction company, overseeing extractions. Mineralogists monitor collections on the job site. They analyze the samples that are collected. They work on quality control, helping to improve the extraction process.

They write reports regarding minerals being extracted and their presence at a given site. They may evaluate the land to determine the presence of minerals. They will use computerized equipment to help with their job functions. All of this is useful information in understanding oil and gas extraction, water usage, waste disposal, and other environmental conditions.

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