Fur Seal Stamp Fauna Subantarctic Mini Sov. Sheet MNH

Fur Seal Stamp Fauna Subantarctic Mini Sov. Sheet MNH

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Fauna Subantarctic Seal Mini Sov. Sheet MNH

The subantarctic fur seal (Arctocephalus tropicalis) is found in the southern parts of the Indian, Pacific, and Atlantic Oceans. It was first described by Gray in 1872 from a specimen recovered in northern Australia—hence the inappropriate specific name tropicalis.

The subantarctic fur seal is medium-sized compared with other fur seals. Males grow to 2 m and 160 kg, whereas females are substantially smaller—1.4 m and 50 kg. Both sexes have distinctive, creamy-orange chests and faces. Their bellies are more brownish. Males have a dark grey to black back. The females are lighter grey. Pups are black at birth, but molt at about three months old. The snout is short and flat. The flippers are short and broad. Subantarctic fur seals live for about 20–25 years.

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