Philatelic Abbreviations

Abbreviation Definition
"u" or "o" used
(sometimes o with dot in center)
* Mint Hinged
** Mint Never Hinged
adh paper adhering to gum
attd attached
bklt booklet
blk block
BOB back of the book
btwn between
CDS circular date stamp postmark
cl clipped
comm or commem commemorative
CP clipped perfs
cpl complete
cor corner
cr crease
CTO Cancelled to Order
ctr center
CV catalogue value
cxl cancel
def or defin definitive
DG disturbed gum
EFO Errors, Freaks & Oddities
engr engraved
FDC First Day Cover
flt (FLT) fault
fox brown edge staining also foxing
FV face value
gtr gutter
H hinged
HH heavily hinged
HM hinge mark
horiz horizontal
HR hinge remnant
hvy heavy
imp or imperf imperforate
Lg Large
LH lightly hinged
LL lower left
LP line pair
LR lower right
marg margin
MH Mint, Hinged
MHOG Mint, Hinged, Original Gum
Mi Michel (catalogue)
MLH mint, lightly hinged
MM mounted mint (British)
MNG unused, no gum
MNH mint, never hinged
MS minature sheet
NG no gum
NGAI no gum as issued
NH never hinged
OG Original Gum
ovpt, or o/p overprint(ed)
PB plate block
perf perforation
p## perforated number (example, p13)
PH pin hole
pl# plate number
PM Pencil Mark on back
pmk postmark
POG partial original gum
PP pulled perfs
pr pair
rep repaired
RG re-gummed
roul rouletted
RC or R/C Rounded Corner
SA, S/A or PSA Self-Adhesive Stamp (ie. "Stickers")
Sc Scott (catalogue)
scv Scott Catalog Value
SE straight edge
se-ten se-tenant
selv selvedge
SF space filler
SG Stanley Gibbons (catalogue)
sh short
sl slight
sm small
sp short perf
st stain
sur. or surch. surcharge
SS or S/S souvenir sheet
t tiny
th thin
tone toning, discoloration of gum or paper
tr tear
UL upper left
UMM un-mounted mint (British)
unwmk unwatermarked
UR upper right
vert vertical
VLH very lightly hinged
WA or W/A wettable adhesive (ie. "Stamps")
wmk watermarked
w/ with
w/o without
Y & T Yvert & Tellier (catalogue)